Kanto Illustrations #074 - 094 - Created by Piper Thibodeau

Piper continues to re-imagine the complete Pokedex, and this is the next installment! As usual, Piper’s take on each Pokemon continues to be really fun and creative, and we just can’t get enough. Make sure you follow along on Tumblr or Twitter for all the latest updates.

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Merida yelped and grabbed onto the paws, curling her legs up. She looked back that the building and sighed in relief. “I have supplies for you about a mile out, there is food, water and other supplies.”

Hiccup growled and rolled his eyes “supplies for what” he said but followed her directions,toothless having her secureldy

"Supplies to help get you out of here… And for me." She said looking down darkly, "I was banished from my kingdom so that is why I came looking for you."

"banished huh" he snorted as he landed,toothless dropping her and thumping onto the ground with a snort "thanks for the rescue princess but i dont need your help anymore" 

She got up and glared at him, ‘actually you do. Things have changed since you left. Dragons are almost extinct. They’re hunting you and your dragon. I was banished because u saved a dragon.” She said gulping, she wanted to go with them, she was being hunted herself. “Drago… He’s changed everything.’ She said looking down. “I can help, please… I know a hiding place that no one has found… Please, they’ll kill me. Or worse…”

"dragos dead" he hissed"the dragons arent gone yet and they need someone to lead them" he smirked"kill of the rest of the stupid vikings so they can live in peace.Humans ruin everything.they maeke everything dark and impure.Dragons have a code" toothless snorte din agreement."i thought my father knew that…guess i was wrong about berk too" he petted toothless  as he watched her and rolled his eyes "tsk…you saved me ill let you come with us for a short while…but you go your own way as soon as possible"

She nodded, “deal. I just need to get to the hiding place, I have my own dragon there.” She said as she walked over to where she had hidden the supplies. She grabbed the big basket full of fish and pushed it over for toothless. “She is waiting for me there, they are hunting her down so I’m taking her far from here, across the seas to america maybe. I don’t know, but she is the only female left of her kind, you have the last male of her kind.” She explained, “that is why I was banished, nightfuries are to be killed, not spared. I had different ideas.”

Toothless stared at the fish then hiccup gurguling at him,hiccup gave hima nod and he started to eat “you have a nothe night furry…” he snorted i find that hard to believe.hurry up or im leaving you behind.

She rolled her eyes and ran to catch up with him. “You don’t know where the cave is so you wont be able to leave me behind.’ She said matter of factly. “And you don’t have to be such a grouch, I’m helping you.”

"we dont need your help" he huffed still walking "me and toothless are perfecty capable of taking care of ourselveS"

"You do need my help! I know where the vikings are hiding, waiting for you." She said side stepping over toothless’ fish to keep up with hiccup, glancing at the feeding dragon. "Hiccup, wait! Please!"

Hiccup reached a rivver and stepped in it,cleaning off the blood he had been covered in,it was ice cold yet when it hit his skin steam formed “what do ya want”


imacutetalkingfishbone asked:

((for the sesual dream cause why not)) Hiccup had come to berserker island to visit Dagur,and check on how thte newly captured skrill was doing in his training..He had been told Dagur was resting in his hut,when hiccup got inside though he blushed heaviy,noticing instantly what the others state was.He was panting softly,face pleasured even if he was asleep and sheets slightly tented.He gulped but crawled onto the bed "YOu better be dreaming of me"






Hiccup siled “okay” he pulled him back for another kiss though laughed when thor nudged his rider expectingly “i guess flying trumps playing”Toothless hopped over ,tongue rolled out of his mouth with a gumy smile

Thor huffed happily when Toothless came over and nipped the Night Fury’s ear again before going back to Dagur with a pleading look.

Dagur smiled before nodding and climbing back onto his Skrill. “Ready whenever you are Hiccup.”

Toothless purred and shok his head when he was nipped,reaturing the gesture before hiccup got on him”im ready then”

Dagur nodded before tapping Thor’s neck and the Skrill took off back home.

Hiccup wasnt ar behind,flying side by side with him,and feeling nervous





Hiccup put the papers in a neat stack on his desk and wrotedo wn a few new things on the boardbasic intruduction stuff “well then i guess thats fine then.i dont mind a curious student”

❄ ╾ Jack, glad that Hiccup accepted his stay, decided to have a little fun. After all, if he was going to stay after class, he might as well make the most of it. 

"So?" He started. "Is your girlfriend a teacher too?"

Hiccup blinked and looked at him “who says i have a girlfriend mister jack” he sat down on his chair and started looking over the papers “im single”







"Pull harder mate" Bunny said 

"We’re trying! You’re stuck" Tooth said and didn’t stop pulling.

Pitch moves to where they were as he lift his scythe to strikes them while they were helping Bunny,but the butterfly went on the shade’s face,blinding him which his weapon disappear as he tried to get the thing off his face.

Hiccup was all too happy to go and join.Toothless folowing and batting away nightmares as they pulled bunny.

"Well just keep pulling to get me out of this sink hole!" Bunny said asTooth pulls as much as she can. 

Pitch grabs the dream butterfly and stain it’s wings with nightmare sand then toss it to the side as his hand makes his scythe reappear then moves to them.Then raised it up and was going to strikes at Hiccup,Tooth and Jack,but a dream wall blocks the attack which the shade growls and tries again,Before he could lift his weapon up Pitch was tied up by the dream sand as the scythe appear then pulled him back from the others.

Hiccup w atched a bit in amazment as he continued to pull bunnytrying to get him out of the black hole,toothless wrapped his tailaround the bunny and pulled hard

Bunny was out of the hole then sighs a big relief “Next time I’m moving away before that happens” 

Tooth let’s go “But did any of you saw that the nightmare sand turned to dreamsand and that Pitch is gone?”

A little dream butter fly near them and landed on Jack’s head. 

Jack blinked and looked up at the butterfly “sand man…”

"yeah…"hiccup saod sotly